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15 November 2018, Volume 1 Issue 3
  • Practice and Thoughts on Watershed Comprehensive Management – a CaseStudy of Maozhou River in Shenzhen
    Wang Minhao
    2018, 1(3):  7-12. 
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    To address the water pollution of Maozhou River in Shenzhen, PowerChina proposed the water management idea of “watershed planning and system governance”, and actively explored model innovation, management innovation, technological innovation and engineering innovation, and summarized the “Maozhou River Model” for the comprehensive environmental management of river water in the built-up areas of Chinese cities. This paper systematically introduces the practice of water environment management in Maozhou River, and puts forward some suggestions for the system governance of water environment.
    A Preliminary Analysis of the Development Potential of Vegetable Waste Resource Utilization in Yunan Province
    Chen Zhibin;Lv Qi;Li Bin;Li Zhongquan
    2018, 1(3):  13-18. 
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    In recent years, thanks to the development of plateau characteristics of fruit and vegetable industry, so that the majority of poor people out of poverty, but due to large-scale development of vegetable cultivation brought about by a series of environmental problems, had to force the local government to adjust the industrial structure. The innocuous treatment and resource utilization of vegetable waste is of great significance to the healthy development and environmental protection of vegetable industry in plateau. In this paper, the source of vegetable waste in Yunnan Province, distribution, the main treatment methods, resources utilization market development analysis and prospects.
    Application of Automatic Sampling Monitoring Ship Technology in Water Quality Monitoring of Maozhou River Basin
    2018, 1(3):  19-26. 
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    This project aims to achieve in-situ water quality monitoring such as dissolved oxygen and turbidity of Maozhou river basin by using autonomous water sampling & monitoring boat technology. The boat has the function of autonomous operation, water sampling and monitoring, intelligent waypoint navigation and pollution sourcing tracking. In the comprehensive renovation project of the maozhou river environment, this technology was adopted to monitor the spatial and temporal changes of water quality, investigate the pollution source. The boat integrated with different multi-parameter water quality probe can acquire water quality data in a safe and efficient way.
    The Activities and Thinking of CMIC Immobilization Carrier Microorganism
    Suqin Li;Pengcheng Guo;Kou Zhu;Dennis Tee
    2018, 1(3):  27-35. 
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    According to Chinese government requirement that must clean the black and odor river before 2020, then how to make sure we can success, to do more construction ? or do it in original site? It according to the government budget and final demand , even PPP project , the government also need to considerate to pay it in time. But now most city have more debt and very financial stress, big project,most local government can not pay for it, so we need to think about to deal the black and odor river step by step ,we can use solve it in the river , CMIC immobilization carrier microorganism can solve the problem in original site.
    Comparison and Research on the Comprehensive Control Strategies of Water Environment Between Xiamen City and Shenzhen City
    Ji Yapeng
    2018, 1(3):  36-44. 
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    This article takes the comprehensive water environment management strategies of Xiamen and Shenzhen as an example, and compares the water resources, water resources, and water environment information between the two regions to analyze the similarities and differences between water resources, water systems, and hydrology, and compares and studies the water environment developed in recent years. The governance plan and water management ideas, combined with their respective urban conditions and characteristics of water resources, summed up the experiences of the two cities in water management and provided references for the comprehensive improvement of water environment in other regions.
    Innovative Ideas of Mountain Torrents and Sluggish System in Shenzhen
    Ren WEI;Dong Minlong;Sun Xiaopei
    2018, 1(3):  45-50. 
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    In this paper, a new type of torrential sluggish system is proposed, which has the function of flood diversion and deep tunnel storage, which has comprehensive benefits of waterlogging prevention, rain and flood utilization and reduction of surface source. The preliminary project arrangement in Shenzhen large empty port area is a new technology worthy of further study.
    Water Environment Governance Policy and Industry Cultivation
    Wang Zhengfa;Zhang Zhenzhou;Liu Shuanglong
    2018, 1(3):  51-59. 
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    This paper combs and interprets the existing water environment governance policies in China, and it is obtained that the policy of water environment governance plays a great role in promoting the cultivation of the industry. Under the action of command control, economic stimulation and persuasion, the policy of water environment governance can operate effectively, forming the system environment of industry development, promoting the technological innovation, promoting the transformation of achievements, guiding and standardizing the market, and finally realizing the great-leap-forward development.
    The Understanding and Thinking of Water Environment Comprehensive Treatments of Manzhou River
    Lang Yun;Xie Yuzhi;Hu Zijun
    2018, 1(3):  60-66. 
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    Manzhou River is the largest river in Shenzhen city, and also the most polluted river of Pearl River Estuary System. Dealing with the requirements of eliminate black-odor river in limited interval from the state, the province and the cities, innovative model of water environment comprehensive treatments should be adopted, and comprehensive planning of the basin of Maozhou River must be formulated firstly. The achievements can offer references on water environment treatments in similar high urbanization areas with heavily polluted water.
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